Forex Training Courses at the NSFX Academy

We designed our NSFX Forex Course as a stand-alone offering to cater to the needs of clients taking their first steps in the world of forex trading.

The course is segmented, beginning at basic explanations of terms and taking the student further to a clear understanding of advanced trading strategies and market analysis. At the conclusion of each segment we offer a short test to ensure you’ve absorbed the wealth of valuable information provided before moving on to the next stage.

The first 2 chapters of the course are readily available. For additional chapters simply create a MyNSFX account for full access to all the academy offers. Registration is Free, learn at your own pace.

Lesson 1: Forex Advantages
  • Keep This Information at All Times!
  • Refer to This Information When In Doubt.
  • A to Z Glossary, Understand all Forex Concepts While Trading
Lesson 2: Basic Terms
  • Familiarization with The Basics of Forex
  • Introduction to Important Trading Terms
  • How to Take Your First Step in Trading
Lesson 3: Types of Orders
  • The Different Types Of Orders
  • Using the Right Order at The Right Time
Lesson 4: Winning strategies
  • The Advantages of Forex Trading
  • Why Forex is One of The Fastest Growing Markets
  • Why Forex Trading is a Favorite Among Stock Market Investors
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