Partners Program

NSFX created a unique Partners program, designed to revolutionize the existing format of affiliate programs.
NSFX offers its Partners a unique platform designed with the affiliate needs in mind, with an added personal touch. Learning from NSFX’s innovative and dynamic trading experience, we’ve implemented those features in NSFX Partners. As an affiliate, your website is a potential gold mine waiting to be properly used.

Some of the benefits of the NSFX Partners Program are:

  • + A large selection of creative marketing tools such as banners, static and animated, landing pages, smart text links, mailers, widgets and flash banners.
  • + Full real time reporting, per campaign, providing in-depth analysis of your campaigns and their online success.
  • + A Variety of commission choices - CPA (Flat or Per Country), Rebate (Revenue Share), a Hybrid combination of CPA+Rebates.
  • + Comfortable payment methods.
  • + Monthly promotions for Affiliates and Clients.
  • + Personal account management.
  • + Sub Affiliate program

NSFX knows that the effectiveness of the Partner Program is a direct consequence of the effectiveness of our Broker Services, and we are confident that our Partners will earn more from their traffic with NSFX.

Affiliates Program