NSFX Ltd. holds a Category 3 investment services License no. IS/56519 issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (The MFSA). The Authority was set up by special Act of Parliament, the Malta Financial Services Authority Act. It is a fully autonomous public institution and annually reports to the Maltese Parliament. The MFSA has taken over the supervisory functions previously carried out by the Central Bank of Malta and the Malta Stock Exchange and is the single regulator for financial services in Malta.

NSFX Ltd. is authorized to operate within the EEA (altogether 31 regulatory bodies). Below you will find a selection of the main regulatory bodies that have given their approval to NSFX Limited to provide cross border investment services in their country:

Regulation Authority Country
FCA United Kingdom United Kingdom, Registration Number: 595195
Bafin Germany Germany, Registration Number: 131055
Banque De France France France, Registration Number: 74397
CONSOB Italy Italy, Registration Number: 3597
CNMV Spain Spain, Registration Number: 3354
Finanstulsynet Denmark Denmark, Registration Number: 9221